Please help my poor duck!


Jul 27, 2018
I need Help! Please!
I have about 1 year male duck named "gerdoo"
he had problems with his leg when he was first i didnt really know how to take care of ducks and he had bad he had joint of legs at 1 month
This is picture:

I searched this site and i Took him some niacin.He didnt healed but it didnt get worse.he got along and could easily walk and play with a little limping.about 9 months ago , he started limping bad.hedidnt put one of his leg on the floor.after a week or two his leg swolled.i didnt know the parents think that ducks or should be eaten or die.and didnt let me to take him vet . He got along with his pain . And he could walk but a bit limping.

About 4 months ago his another leg was swollen.that time i did some reaserches and bought him calsioum and ad3 vitamin.i took him molti vitamin too.hedidnt healed.
Then i tried eritrolac . It didnt work. I tried even didnt make him since two months ago , he most of the time sit on floor and limping bad.his little duck and his normal weight is 1 kilo and 600 gram.he less weight 400 gram.he prefer to dont walk.but he can.i guess its painfull for him.i must feed him with my hand.he is still so friendly.i wanna just cry.

Look at his joints.its a little soft and another places hard.please help me i dont know what to do:hit

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