Jun 26, 2016
this morning i heard my chickens sounding scared, so i went out and saw my mean cock running at my sweet little poland roo, Palmer. Palmer found a place to hide with another chicken who had been chased, and when i went to them, one was looking at me curiously, and Palmer was laying with his head on the fence and looking slightly lethargic. i picked him up. one eye was open and one was closed. on the closed eye, his mohawk was kinda leaning towards it, and the skin above his eyelid was pale. i moved his mohawk, and he opened his eye. the usually whitish part was slightly pink. i took him to the coop and dipped his beak gently in the water. even though he put up a fuss. he was holding his beak open. his tongue and mouth was normal. i held him close for a couple minutes, and then i set him down. i tested his instincts by taking quick steps toward him, and they were fine. i got him out of the coop and as soon as he saw all the others rushing towards him, (even the mean cock, who i scared away before he got to Palmer.) Palm ran back into the coop to hide.
maybe. i will try. i have noticed that Palmer's crest that leans to one side is forcing his eye shut. (did i mention that?) (and it's only being forced shut half-way.) i have trimmed his crest a little. it still leans, but less. the new polands i recently finished integrating, (the 3 polands peck on the bigger ones and visa-versa.) have been showing Palmer their best hiding places, and have been befriending him. they are all pullets, and Palmer is a rooster. i will post a pic as soon as i can. he is doing slightly better now. and is running and peeping, but horrified of the mean cock, who i have been spraying in the face with ACV and water.
Palmer is better. here are some recent photos..
Palmer's sister, Cookie, laying her 3rd egg!

Palmer (below)

a lady of his

another lady of his, sister of the one above.


Cookie again

and his 2 ladies together.

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