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    Jan 4, 2012
    I have 2 pigeons who roost on my porch every night, Harold and Henrietta. Yesterday Harold was attack by a falcon/hawk and I interviened and was able to rescue him. I have him inside with food and water and it is warm. I out a 50/50 water peroxide on the cuts I could see. I have a vet appointment at 1:30 so he will get all the help he needs. My questions are: will he survive? Is there anything more I can do for him? IF he has a punctured lung, can he recover? I do not want him put to sleep if he can survive a happy life living with me. He seems very friendly just nervous.

    My questions about his mate are: should I bring her in too, especially since this falcon/hawk has been around? If so, how can I catch her?

    I have read everything possible, including laws, and joined a pigeon forum as well. So I am not totally uneducated about pigeons or feral pigeons. Any hellp or advice is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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    put him in a wire cage inside were she can get to when door open, then with string tied to door just close when she is in then put with him. theyll both be better together, and not out until tame and healthy. feral pigeons are like bunnies descendants of abandoned or escaped pets, and not the same as similar counter parts naturally in wild.

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