Please tell me what's wrong with my butt


11 Years
Jan 10, 2010
Vacationland, Maine
Hi there. My name is Wry Tail and I'm a white leghorn. I was a normal chick but when I started to develop real chicken feathers my tail never pointed straight up. It wasn't a big deal to me, just cosmetic. I was mommy's first layer at 16.5 weeks and I am mommy's best layer currently. I have a great personality and I know she would never cull me. But... she knows I have something wrong and probably wouldn't breed me if she could help it. Most of the time my feathers don't bother me but today I had a big poo-ball stuck on there and mom had to excise it with scissors. I was not pleased. Does anyone know the real condition I have and what causes it? Also any help on the prevention of poo-balls on my butt would be most appreciated. Thanks.

You may need to keep her butt oiled up with vaseline or mineral oil or something of the sort. At least it makes cleaning easier.

Maybe she has some sort of spinal deformity causing the crooked tail and also diverting the normal passage for poo. Just a guess.
if you keep the feathers trimmed, just don't pull them out, then they grow back, if you trim they shouldn't regrow till molt. plus feed more of a whole grain feed the poo will be more solid less likely to stick
Thanks, I'll continue to trim the feathers. Sometimes their poo is nice and solid and sometimes (like today)... uggh. It all depends on what they get into. Wry Tail loves to jump the 6 foot fence and free range all day instead of playing by the rules.

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