Pocket PC owners! you help is requested!

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May 30, 2007
I am getting a Verizon wireless XV6700 also known at "The Pocket PC" and I would like to download the Iphone skin for it (The Xp skin is ugly
) I need help to find where to download the software. And also step by step where to go what files?, what documents? and such.
Its a Pocket PC, Like a PC/and a phone combined. Verizon has no idea with this these a styles for the phone backround and buttons.
go to www.howardforums.com

Everything you need is there. Use the search feature. Be prepared for
rude people over there.

I have the AT&T Tilt. Very similiar. The Iphone skin didn't impress me.
Why are you getting that phone if you like the Iphone interface?
I like the look of it and I dont have AT&T, so cant buy the Iphone and
the Iphone is way! to expensive. I am looking for the almost look theme
because the ones that are exactly have some glitces to the buttons.

I cant seem to find any downloads for it thought, I think it was called
wisbar advance 2.
Someone is giving you this phone right? You aren't buying it are you?

This phone is a geek phone, as I call them. It is made by HTC for Verizon.
HTC also makes the Tilt (8925) and my older 8125.

You will need an internet plan with this phone or your bill will be huge.
I hope you know what you are getting into. I love my pocket pc phones
but have spent countless hours trying to figure things out.

Check out.
Mine costs an extra $40 a month on top of my normal bill for internet. It's
worth it for me because the phone plugs into my laptop and gives me internet
while on the road, usually at dsl speeds.

My phone also has built in GPS navigation just like a Garmin but that adds more
to the bill.

If I didn't need the fancy stuff I'd just want an easy phone that sounds good and gets
good reception. Sometimes too much technology is just too much.
Yeah, no we dont have verizon internet, but we purchased
the standard internet. But I cant just connect the phone to
our wireless rotar. I bought the phone I know it has alot of
extra but I will mostly use them for school, and I love the
keyboard. And plus I CANNOT be with out the internet so I have
found the perfect phone.
I'm a little lost. You should be able to connect that phone to your wireless
router or any hotspot. If you want to use it over Verizon's cellular network
than you need to buy the internet plan. You can still use it but you will be
charged for data useage per megabyte(very expensive).

Get Opera for it. Internetexplorer is horrible on a PocketPC.

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