poopy clumpy featherd butts wat can i do to clean there messey butts :(

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    hello ive got 2 golden lacced wyandotte hens tht seem to get alot of poo stuck to there fluffy lower rump feathers ive read about this b4 on the computor. people have sayd wyandottes are kinda known for geting there poop stuck in the fluffy feathers around there butts. is there any tips or tricks to help clean up there poopy matted up feathers around there rumps i tryd to use scissors to trim away the dryd on chunks of poo but its hard for the scissors to cut them poopy matted feathers [​IMG]
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    Aug 21, 2009
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    I read a recent article that said to soak,wash in warm epsom salts, then squirt Iodine on the vent. make sure you dry her well if it is cold were you are
  3. Mogli

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    oh ok thanks wats epsom salts ive never hard of them?

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