possible worms in button quail ?


In the Brooder
Mar 15, 2017
five days ago i noticed my female button quail who is a year old was fluffled up in a corner and sleeping most of the day, i have been giving her corid and i seen small improvement but shes losing a lot of weight now shes super thin but she still eats here and there, not much. shes still sleeping a lot but her feathers are no longer fluffed up as they used to be. im not sure what could be wrong and i assume it could be worms now. shes a caged bird so shes not outside at all. her droppings are mostly greenish brown, no diarrhea, just lumpy looking as if the food isn't fully digested. Does any one have any experience with the symptoms of worms and if my little girl could have it from the symptoms described above. Thank you!

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