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    Aug 23, 2013
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    [​IMG] Isis, what a beautiful coop. Join the fun of different threads.
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    Jul 5, 2014
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    Thanks. I wanted to see if I could upload a pic. I'm still figuring out how to navigate this site.
  3. Lockdown199

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    Coop 4x6 run 8x20x6

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    Nov 29, 2012
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    Nice coop and pullets. Can't tell if the wire is buried in the ground or do you plan to make a paver stone walkway all around the pen against digging predators? A perch in the open pen area or even just a couple old wood chairs would probably be appreciated by the girls.
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    This photograph is of my new rooster, Rooster Cogburn, but has my coop in progress in the background. Still need to shingle it and a lot of trim work, but the bulk of it is there. The outside is my wife's Pinterest build, the inside will be my BYC inspired style. Poop boards and such. I am more interested in the workings, and she the look. I suppose everyone is happy… It is about 10' x 14' and close to eight feet high at the doorway. I hope it will be enough for some roosts and a nest box.


    Love this thread, a lot of neat ideas and tips to be found here. Thank you BYC members for the nice forum and great insight into building and raising birds.

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    True, I got some basic spanish in MS for a semester. Although I did take German in college and got to where I was getting conversational with non-english speaking Germans and Austrians when I was in Europe for a couple of weeks via a study abroad program thru GVSU.

    Now, I'm just learning how to speak Chicken.
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  7. lithiachick

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    Mar 30, 2014
    I didn't realize the to was open. Cool idea there. But, if it's boiling in there now, a window is probably a good idea. Chickens tolerate the cold better than the heat. Just make sure to use hardware cloth over the part that opens. You have awhile before they are in there. Very cute chicks by the way. I have 4 Barnvelders, 1 month old. I old the variety in your choices!
  8. clevelandeggs

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    Jun 16, 2014
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    What if i ran that 1"x2" metal fence behind or in front of the 1/4" wire to add as a reinforcement. the metal fence like you would use on a garden
  9. jtbass2756

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    My Coop
    [​IMG]What type of sand did you go with. I've been sitting here calculaing what I need now that I have my floor down....trying to make up my mind......[​IMG]
  10. bruceha2000

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    Your dimensions seem a bit off. [​IMG]
    And just in case it hasn't been drilled enough: Roosts: 2x4 on the flat or 3" round fence rail, HIGHER than the nest boxes. I assume the roost will be on the high end with the window: I love it, a room with a view.

    If you have food and water in the coop, it is not necessary to have it in the run as well. The coop will be open whenever the chickens are outside. I went with saddle nipples - takes less space in the coop (5 gallon container is outside the coop) and no chance to slop water in the coop when filling or bringing the filled bucket into it.

    Your girls will be ready for their home in 2 weeks.

    The wire used in 1/4" is WAY thinner than the 1/2" hardware cloth wire.

    Love the look and in its own rustic stone walled run too!

    If it is hot in there now with an open top and the coop door open, you definitely need more ventilation. And possibly shade over the coop.

    You could do a window as you said. If it is hinged on the top and opens out (awning window) you can open it from outside as much or as little as you like using some sort of rigid support under it or a chain connected to a hook on the coop wall. You wold need some sort of flashing over it so rain can't get in the top edge.

    Maybe TWO windows. As I look at the Garden Coop elsewhere on the web, I am dismayed by the lack of light the chickens have - the only light they have comes in through the door on the floor?? I would put a fixed window in the wall looking out into the run, though it too could be operable, maybe a slider. You should be able to find something cheap at a "re-use" place. The chickens don't need a fancy triple pane window and with all the interest in making homes more efficient I have to believe there are a lot of old single pane windows out there. You could even make your own fixed window with a single piece of glass from a glass place. All you need is to cut out the wall a half inch or so smaller than the piece of glass and plain pine with a rabbet cut out that is the same thickness as the glass. Screw 3 pieces of that to the wall, slide the glass in, and put in the 4th piece. Since this is under the run roof, it doesn't need to be weather tight.

    Ventilation in the winter is still really important, you may find you don't want the top covered with rigid foam insulation at all. Try and see when the time comes but think about ease of 'adding' and 'subtracting' the amount of coverage. The important thing in the winter is that there is no draft blowing over the birds on the roost.

    I should add - it looks great!!

    Looks really nice, good build. I like the big window on the side. The 1x2 wire may or may not keep out ermines but they are a night threat when the girls are locked in the coop anyway. The 1x2 welded wire is cheaper and heaver gauge than 1/2" hardware cloth. Good double coverage low with the 1x2 and hardware cloth to keep coon paws out.

    I see you put some 'non skid' on the ramp, guess you figured out the cleats are too far apart [​IMG] 3" works well. But (and Sylvester will disagree), your birds are big enough, they don't need a ramp to get in that door anyway. You could put a "porch" that extends out about a foot at the same level as the bottom of the coop so they can hop up there, then hop up in the door. Heck, you could just cut off a 3' piece of the ramp, turn it sideways and put it there upside down. Then (for when your birds get old and can't make the "jump" ??) you can put the rest of the ramp back on at the bottom of the porch. Plus, it looks like you have to move the ramp out to close the door anyway, must be a pain in the buttski [​IMG]

    Can you move the roosts up some? It doesn't look like they are high enough for the birds to use the floor space underneath. They like to roost high anyway.

    Is the sand in the run for dust baths or just left over from the coop floor? I would definitely let the girls decimate the grass before covering it with sand (I presume to ensure they don't have a muddy run).

    Man after my own heart. I love the nice looking coops, but I have too much to do (like 3 lifetimes worth) and stick mostly to "functional" where it doesn't matter a whole lot. Your wife's design is great, has the "farm building" feel without being too fancy. Good symmetry, light and ventilating windows. Plus the planter box and "ground level" decoration.

    10'x14' and 8' at the door and you HOPE there is enough room for roosts and a nest box? How many chickens are you planning to have, 50??? Of COURSE there is room for roosts and nest boxes (and you NEED THEM!!) You have room for 25 birds in there if you want.

    Yes! I would put the welded wire fence on the outside so it is the first thing a predator with big teeth hits.

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