posterior tibial tendonitis and extra navicular bone

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    Dec 31, 2008
    Hi all! This is what i have in my right foot, posterior tibial tendonitis and extra navicular bone. The tendonitis came because of a blow to my foot in soccer 5(!!!!!) years ago! So with the extra bone it just gets reinjured. I am a teen now and i cant play sports, but i am not fat. I am 5'0" annd 113 lb. but still i would love to play sports. So in Agust i am going to get the bone removed! They will cut open the tendon and then remove the bone. Then they will tighten the tendon and put in a bone ancor. So i was wondering if any body els has had this done? And if you have a story to share!!

    Chicken Girl
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    I haven't, but I've had tendonitis before and it is a pain in the butt (I didn't have to get surgery, but hey, if you've had it 5 years it might be the only way. I don't know, I'm no doc. I cured mine with PT and hydration). Good luck with it!
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I haven't had that, but a host of other joint disorders and surgery - I've not found any of my surgeries to be scary or bad and many of them I was able to get around quick - just listen and do exactly what your doctor says and you'll be going in no time.

    Heck, when I had my second tibial transfer (cut off the chunk of bone my knee cap attaches to and move it over and screw down) I was back to riding horses 4 weeks post surgery. I've had a lot of tendon/ligament tightening surgeries, and most put me down for a week, but then I get going and usually feel great at 4 weeks! Just take care of your body during healing - eat very well, lots of water, lots of whole, good foods (eggs yay!).

    Good luck!

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