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Brought to you by the fine folks of the Authentic Scavenger Hunt Thread, it's Poultry Enjambment! :D

I'll put a picture of a bird, including its breed and variety, at the end of this post. The next person posts a picture of a bird (chicken, duck, etc.) that matches EITHER the breed OR the variety of my bird. Then, the poster after that should match either the breed or variety in the SECOND post, and so on. Some ground rules to keep things moving smoothly:

  1. Posts must be of a bird that matches EITHER the breed OR the variety of the bird in the previous post, but NOT both. (So, no posting a Barred Rock in response to a Barred Rock, etc.) If a variety is genetically the same, but has a different name depending on the breed (such as Lavender and Self Blue), it still counts!!
  2. Every post MUST list what the breed and variety of the bird in the picture is in order to help the next poster know what they can post next.
  3. For the sake of simplicity, mixed breeds are not allowed UNLESS the parent breeds are known. The next poster must then match one of the parent breeds.
  4. If there are multiple responses to the same post, the first one whose post went through 'wins' and subsequent posts should match the breed or variety from that post.
  5. If there are no responses to a picture in 2 hours, anyone can post any bird to restart the game, regardless of breed or variety.
  6. NO PULLING PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET! All pictures that you post must be your own!

Please also try to keep chatting to a minimum so that we don't lose the last picture posted! Thanks! :)

So, first up is a Blue Cochin:


The next bird should be either Blue OR a Cochin!
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