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Anyone interested in a little Scavenger Hunt? I know we all take tons of pictures of our birds, so this can be a fun way to share some!

The idea is to start off with something to find, and someone posts a picture that includes the object. This MUST include ONLY poultry-related pictures. Must be a chicken/duck/goose/egg/etc included in the hunt.

For examples... a chicken standing on a trash can. Or a duck next to a blue house. Or a chick in the kitchen. Or a flock gathered around a watermelon. Or a peacock on a motorcycle. Get the idea? Somewhat specific, but not so specific as to make it too difficult to happen. We want the game to move along.

Type of bird, gender, age, breed, color, etc. can be specified, but doesn't have to be.

The first person to post a picture fulfilling the hunt parameters then chooses the next hunt!
**Pictures must be your own. Don’t go searching for internet pics to use. That’s too easy, and it’s cheating! *** :gig

And let's please keep the chit-chat, congratulations, comments, etc to a minimum to maintain good flow. If you win a hunt, consider yourself congratulated! lol Feel free to ask questions for clarifications though.


New folks joining in -- don't be intimidated by all the pages... feel free to jump right to the end of the thread, find the last requested hunt, and join us! Of course, you are welcome to scroll through all the pics and hunts for enjoyment too.

I'll start us off with an easy one. Someone show me a pic of a chick (any species) emerging from its shell in an incubator.

Post your pic, then tell us the next hunt!

Also, if the hunt is fulfilled by someone else, please don't post more pictures for the same hunt. Save them in case it comes up again! :)

Edit November 6, 2018
We took a poll for time limit on hunts, and the majority vote was for a 2 hour time limit. If a hunt is not fulfilled within 2 hours, anyone can post a new one. :clap
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Next hunt ~

A broody on her nest.

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