Power loss....hope loss

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    Well we had our eggs set and turning but the power has been out for three days now. I am assuming the worst. Watching the sun rise this morning and seeing the inside temp at 49 degrees the little peeps are not fairing well. I suppose there is worst things to worry about. The freezers are thawing...the fridge is warm and the kids are cold.

    The beginning of the week started out with me asking the kids to go stay in the cabin for the week in the woods.(off grid). The response was overwhelming and soundly a negative. Then came the wind and went the power. Now the little buggers are roughing it in the big house with the same quality of life. Except the fact that now they get to see the electronics and the lights and e fridge not working. Funny little twist of fate.

    Still disheartened by my eggs going south. I'll try again soon...maybe spring? Good luck November hatchers...my November 9th chicks are off the schedule.
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    [​IMG]I'm really sorry to hear about your hatch. Let me know if you are going to try again in the Spring...perhaps we can hatch together! This is my first time. How many times have you hatched? Years ago, we lived in WA and the power went out for three days....with five kids and a newborn!...and it was freezing cold. We still talk about that! The only saving grace was we had a wood burning fireplace, the only one in the street....and everyone knew where to come to keep warm! Again, my heart goes out to you!!!

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