Pre-egg discharge?

AllenK RGV

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Jul 23, 2017
Deep South Texas Laureles,TX 10A
Ok, yesterday my wife and I were having our morning coffee, and a hen hopped up on our porch railing, beaked her vent area and then passed some milky discharge(estimated 2-5ml). Shortly there after she gave us an egg.

We were curious as we have never observed this before, but suspect it might be somewhat normal. I wasn't curious to the point of trying to sniff the discharge to see if it might be purulent.
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Next time if it happens get a picture.
LOL this was a 5 second discharge event, but will keep an eye on that hen and maybe get ya a dirty video!:gigIn all seriousness, the 3 that needed to lay today, including her, have all dropped their eggs for the day. I'll have a cell phone ready for tomorrow and see if this chance behavior occurs again. 10am-noon should be egg laying rush hour.
I'd put her in a crate like this to observe all discharges for at 24 hours period.

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