Preening obsessed quail?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by MageofMist, Jun 12, 2017.

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    I have a young female quail, what looks like a white cinnamon, who seems to be obsessed with preening not only her own plumage, but also the feathers of other quail. I know she is female as she has the female voice and call. When settling down to sleep she preens the closest quails to her, when wandering about, she'll stop and preen another quail at random, and when eating, she may even stop and preen another quail with seemingly no reason.
    Heck, a young male did the submissive bow and squeaks to her, and her first reaction was... To preen him. It is quite adorable and rather amusing to watch. It isn't pecking, feather pulling or anything aggressive, just... A very affectionate quail.

    Have I just got a neat-freak or overly affectionate quail, or is this normal? They are Chinese Painted Quail.

    Edit: The other quail preen one-another also, but not to the amount this female does.
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    Haha that's so adorable :3 I have a coturnix quail who snuggles by force when she's in egg laying time, she nearly bowls over the other girls :p She will only let me cuddle her when she's in this mode and then she will relax and drop an egg then wander off away from my hands lmao. I feel so used.

    I have seen coturnix gently pick something off of another's feathers like food or dirt they think is good but never have seen them preen each other. Would be cute if they preened each other like your Chinese painted quail do :)

    So to answer your question, "birds ramble ramble ramble birds xD"
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