Problem with ducky


9 Years
May 26, 2010
Wouldn't you like to know..
Ok well im having a minor problem. Iv been with my duck ever since it was born. now when i leave the room for like 1 min the go to the bathroom or even smoke a cig it will cry and cry and cry non stop. Im i doing wrong coming to it when i cries. Im i just show that it can train me instead of the other way around?
I think he's lonely and just wants to be with you. Ducks are very social. Perhaps it's time to get another duck, preferably around his age or slightly older. You can also put a mirror in his cage/pen (just make sure that he can't break it).

I'm surprised that he hasn't acted like this earlier.
oh and my duck has been doing this since he/she was born. And im the only one it will cry for. even if someone else is in the room but me he/she will still cry till i come back. i can open my door and act like im leaving and he/she will start crying. since he/she was born iv always be holding he/she and always been talking to my duck 24/7. and he/she knows when bed time is cuz i have his/her cage next to my bed and when i lay down he/she will lay under the stuffed monkey i have in there. its cute ^-^
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Yes, I think they will. At first, you can keep them separated and introduce them slowly, especially if you get a grown duck or a very young duckling. Perhaps keeping the cages/pens side by side until you're sure they are not going to hurt each other. They might warm up to each other right away if they're almost the same age.
goodness i hope it will work. i dont want him/her to be lonely when im not home
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I think im going to try to get another duck, maybe 2. So then i can catch a break from being a mother(ima guy lol). I feel sorry for women now. And IF i get more ducklings for my duck. will he still think im his mom or will he kinda calm down a bit. Or will he think im his mommy forever?
I can't give you a 100% answer to that, but I hope so. At least they will keep him busy while you're away. He probably will think you're mama, but not be so desperate to be with you all the time. Maybe someone else can answer that question better.

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