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I live near Ellensburg, WA, and I was wondering if anyone near here has a whizbang inspired plucker that I can rent between the 11th and the 16th of July. I haven't got alot of money, so it would have to be a reasonable price. I am going to be processing 20 birds, and as a first timer, I really don't want to pluck by hand. PM or respond since I don't check my email but I am on here at least twice a day.
What a great idea, I never thought to post to see if I could rent one from somebody. Next time I need to butcher more than a bird or two, I'll have to try that.

I used to live in western WA, you're in a beautiful area. Passed through there many times, camped somewhere near there, but it's been a long time, I can't remember where.
you're right, it is beautiful out here. Now if I could just get the monoculture people to see things in an intercropped or permaculture way, I'd be in heaven! lol like that's going to happen out here.
Perhaps for the amount you would pay to rent a plucker you could make a fitting for your electric drill that can be used to pluck. There have been plans & pictures posted on this forum to show you how.

Or you could use that money to buy some refreshments for a few friends and have them come over & help you pluck. All you need are 4 refreshed people to each pluck 5 birds apiece, or 5 people to pluck only 4 each, that's not a lot to do. You could even have a contest to see who can pick the fastest & cleanest, use your plucker-rent money to buy the prize.
20 birds is really only a few hours of work, even your first time. I would not suggest you take the time to rent / borrow a plucker unless your planing on doing alot more birds than that.
Thanks for the ideas Sunny!! Now to find a couple of people that want to hang out for a few hours

All my family say that they can't stand the smell. I'll look into the drill one too, jamieneenah. Might make things a bit faster.

Thanks for the Replies!!
I heard that large rubber industrial gloves with rubber "fingers" will work too after scallding the bird in water with a little dish soap at 150 degrees. I have not tried this yet.....but I will
While I agree that it wouldn't be worth the expense to rent/buy/build a mechanical plucker for this many birds, I wouldn't recommend doing 20 birds all at once your very first time. Do a test run instead with just 2-4 birds, and familiarize yourself with the process of processing.

Do all your homework, collect & assemble all your tools & equipment, chill some refreshments for yourself, and process just a few birds for practice. We all hope it will go very easy & well for you, and you'll be eager to finish the rest of them soon.

However, there could be technical difficulties you might encounter your first time, and it would only be worse if you had 19 other chickens lined up & waiting for you that day. My processing pal & I always figure ways to make our next session go even easier, we always learn ways to improve our set-up & technique.

Another benefit of doing just a few birds to start with for practice is that you will have time to rest & cook them, and taste just how wonderfully worth the effort home-grown chicken really is, before you tackle the rest of the group. It could also tempt more of your friends to come & help with this chore.
I Live in Washington State and have seen an ad in the Seattle Craiglist under Farm & Garden. There is a guy who will rent the plucker and steamer for I think $30 a day. I hope this helps.
I plan on skinning most of mine and plucking a few. My chicks are arriving tomorrow and we are excited to start raising them. We process all of our meat. Beef, fish, deer and the occasional elk or bear
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Hey Chicken Sniffer! You're in my ol' neck of the woods. I just moved here from Everett. I just couldn't take the idea of only 5 hens!!! Thanks for the craigslist idea, I did check but he's too far from me now.

Sunny, we're processing 5 roos in the next week or two, then the bulk group between the 11 and the 16th of next month. We're hopfully be able to make it just a one to two day job.

maf, I'll look for the gloves too, I like the idea, but my fiance wants to play with a new toy. Argghh! Men and their incessant need for more toys (even if it is only borrowed!!

Thanks to all the replies!!!

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