Project Silkied Ameraucana eggs


10 Years
Jan 21, 2010
Buy It Now - Not an auction - $45 - Includes USPS Priority shipping.

12 BBS Silkied Ameraucana project eggs - Standard size, pure Ameraucana, not Silkie crosses. My roo's are blue Silkied Ameraucana & the hens are blue & splash, half are silkied & half are split to silkied. Chicks can be both silkied and split to silkied from these eggs. I have hatched a few splash & the rest blacks and blues. Egg color ranges from a light blue to a light olive.

Will Ship To: Continental US only - No shipping to AK,HI,VA,SD,MN

I have exactly 12 eggs that were collected yesterday and today, there are no extras unless you want a few from my regular flock that is not silkied.
I had planned to incubate but will have to wait so these are available!

This set it to be shipped Tuesday, 4-30-13.
Payment must be made today for shipping tomorrow!

Paypal only - no e-checks - Post SOLD below & PM me for paypal address.
Please send your mailing address and phone # if you want it added w/ "call for pick up".
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