Pullet injured by stranger - limping and after 4 hrs foot is cold and red

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  1. I believe my sweetest buff orpington was kicked or stepped on. She's my favorite and loves me to hold her. She was limping and scared of me after I heard a vehicle drive up, a pullet squawking. Her limp is pronounced and the foot now getting red and colder than the other. What should I do for her?
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    looks like SOMEONE likes your chickens I have had people let out my chickens at night. I think your baby got stepped on or squished when someone was trying something probaly a teen or some annoying neighbor checking in...
  3. Update on Fluffy... you were right not to be overly concerned. I kept her in a small tractor alone for 1/2 day and she was mad at me and so happy to be back with her flock mates. After several days, she is almost completely walking normally. She still favors it when she comes running but the 1/2 day off the cold, red foot helped the circulation return and rest from the trauma.

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