Pullet with attitude and a comb that changes colors!


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May 16, 2015
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I have one chick that I'm watching carefully, trying to figure out if it's turning into a rooster or just a bad ***** hen. Sold as Ameraucauna, but likely EE (green legs). They were sold as pullets, but I know to expect an "oops" or two. The other babies have civilized yellowish combs. This one seems a little more peach, sometimes bright coral, sometimes looks pink/red. It changes often. It might appear more vibrant since the others are all basically earth-tone colors and this one has a very stark white head but I'm not imaging this, the comb is truly changing colors several times a day. Also, the legs are thicker, sturdier than the other two EE's.

Why would the comb change color? I guess I should be suspicious that this one will have to be renamed-- but what's the age when I will be able to be pretty sure?

These Ameraucanas/EEs don't have much in the way of tail feathers, just little stubble at this point, not enough to check.
Sometimes they will "blush" in the comb/wattle - temporarily increasing the coloration. Is the bird particularly excited/active at the times you see the increased coloration?
If you post a photo we can likely help you with the gender ID - include a nice, clear shot of the comb, a nice side shot of the whole bird and the approximate age.
Thank you for the great info-- the others don't seem to "blush" but maybe this is just a blusher? Here are some pictures. Zena is estimated at 5.5 weeks. The close up through hardware cloth shows one of those times when the beak gets really bright. In terms of size, she is very similar to the other two from the same bin at the feedstore, but she seems to be the most bold/assertive of all the chicks. She was the first one I've seen hop and flap her wings at another chick, though now others will respond in kind. Any votes as to whether Zena will lay eggs one day, as planned?

Yeah, from the color pattern and general body shape, it looks like a roo.

btw- some naked neck chicks really show off the blushing/flushing from emotions. It can happen startlingly fast!
x3. Looks just like my EE cockerel when he was that size. I purchased him as a cockerel, I think he's about 5 months old now. That's very common male plumage in EEs.
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I guess posting this kind of question, for one you suspect.... is sorta like women who hire a private detective to see if their hubby is cheating. You only do it because deep down you "know". I know the feed store will take back roosters. I guess it's a really bad deal to be born male if you are a chicken. I'll keep an eye on her/him to be sure, but I had pretty good reasons for buying pullets instead of straight run. Sigh.
I'd say it's already for sure cockerel. The feathers are coloring up in the male pattern for this color.

In a few weeks, it will start to grow rooster type feathers but it won't be terribly obvious to a newbie like red feathers coming up on a black cockerel for example.

You will know before 3 months, the rooster feathers will be present in a good number and he will be a fair bit bigger than the girls and that comb probably will be thicker and staying a darker pink or even reddish.

Hate to say it, might want to show pictures of the black/tan one also...
Kev, thanks for the info. This chick's appearance changed dramatically and quickly. This one was brown with a dark brown stripe done the his back, with light stripes on either side. I had to go back through old pictures to refresh my memory because the change in appearance was fast, and dramatic I really don't want a rooster. And you're scaring me saying I should post pictures of the other one!

When I got them, there was a cream legbar that seemed a little "iffy" as s/he had strong eye barring and really defined stripes, but also had a faint light patch on the top of the head. So I watched that one like a hawk, but have had no reason to suspect that Agnes might be Abner. I'll work on getting pictures of the other EEs, the RIR and the Buttercup.

As a total newbie to this, I only found forums and facebook groups about chickens after I owned the 8 chicks and had to learn what to do with them. Only then did I realize I could have simply bought pullets who had just started laying. Oh well, it is what it is.

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