Puppy mistook a chicken for a toy

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    Mar 16, 2016
    My neighbors puppy got loose today, mistook one of my chicks (white leghorn IIRC) for a toy. She has a smallish bite out of her back, but is seemingly otherwise uninjured. She will move her wings (unclipped). She walks, scratches, and she roosted in a pine tree as is normal for her and her flock-mates.

    Should I do anything as far as treating it/her? I've moved her to an isolated pen, away from the other 5 in her flock, with clean bedding, food and water. The new pen is about 2'x6'x3'.Aside from the bite, she appears to be ok. She seemed interested in the food provided (pellets) when it was provided. I just moved her away tonight once they all made it back to their normal pen.

    injured chicken.jpg

    Any advise would be appreciated. It doesn't appear to be too terrible so I believe that she'll pull through just fine in a few days, but this is also only the second year that I've owned chickens with zero issues so far, so I could be totally underestimating this situation.
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    If she's acting ok then that's a good sign. I'd spray the wound with some blu-kote. It says on the lable it's for horses and dogs, but it's great for chickens too. I would just keep an eye on her, and make sure your other chickens don't try to peck at her.
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    clean the wound out so you can see it better a bit of bactracin in it then the blue coat tomorrow if you put her back with her mates
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    Bacitracin, neosporin, or the generic equivalent WITHOUT PAIN RELIEF, is fine to put on the wound. If there is an open place, it will regranulate, and heal. Blu-kote will help prevent the other flock members from picking at it, when you decide to return her to the flock.
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