Quail day 21 please help


May 30, 2020
Hi I am very new to hatching and keeping chickens and quail I had 1 chivk out of 6 eggs and now I am hatching quail I'm on day 21 and have lost 2 already the first died in the egg and the second made it out with a bit of help but sadly passed 3 hours later. I still have 8 eggs left 5 pass the float test and 3 dont can someone please help temperature could have been abit off of a night last week due to the window being open...


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May 15, 2019
Klamath County, OR
Are these Coturnix quail? If you're on day 21 for coturnix, there isn't much hope left. Float testing may have killed some of the chicks. The shells are porus and it's possible to drown the chicks. It's always better to candle than float test.

It sounds like your temperature was too low during incubation. One piece of advice is, never trust the thermometer and hygrometer on your incubator. Get a couple more and test/calibrate them. I used three when I got my new (to me) incubator and put them in different places so I knew where the hot and cool spots were and what the actual temperature was.

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