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  1. Noodle101

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    Jun 15, 2019
    Today is day 18 and only 6 out of 57 quail eggs have hatched the temperature is like 37 C and the humidity has been as low of 40 and high as 60. Any thoughts?
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    Being day 18, I'm assuming they are Coturnix.
    What brand of incubator are you using?
    Are you using separate thermometers and hygrometers or the sensors that are built into the incubator?
    If using separate sensors, have you calibrated them before you started incubating?
    Are they shipped eggs or you're own eggs?
    40% RH for the 1st 16 days is ok, if it got up to 60% often during that time it could have a definite effect on the hatchibility.
    A half a degree won't make that much difference in the hatching time but if that's not an accurate temp, it can explain the difference between a late or early hatch.
    Did you candle them during incubation, at day 5, 12, and just before you went into lockdown, to see if they were developing or quit early?
    I apologize for all the questions but it will help determining what's going on with the incubation process.
  3. Noodle101

    Noodle101 Hatching

    Jun 15, 2019
    I’m using an automatic incubator and just turned the quail eggs over 2 a day, the incubator is just a cheap Chinese one, and it has built in hydrometer and thermometer. I candles a few of them and noticed growth so I think the problem is the incubator is outside so the humidy fluctuated to much. Another quail hatched but 7/57 is not pretty. That’s like a 12 percent also I got the eggs from local man but he gave me 57 cause he had so many and my incubator is full. But also with the whole hatching thing I see chickens and ducks lay eggs brood/incubate them and when they need food they just put some grass over the eggs and those do great? So I am curious on why that affected so many.

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