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  1. Sam4733

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    Jun 18, 2018
    Hello everyone, this will be my first and likely only post here (At least for a while)

    I am taking care of some birds for a friend while he is away on vacation. 1 chicken and 5 quails. The chicken is Silkie/Polish cross, and was born around April 27th of this year. The quails are Coturnix Quails, born April 21st of this year.

    The quails seem to be bullying/harassing the chicken for no reason. Even when the chicken is outside the cage, they will try to take shots at it. I called my friend and asked him why this could be happening, and he suggested that since the quails are laying eggs now, they might just want to stick to their own species. Could this be the reason why?

    For now, I have the chicken in a separate cage, but this is very stressful for, as it has living with the quails since it was a baby chick, and it doesn't like being separate from them, despite the attacks.

    Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?
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    Chickens and quail really shouldn't mix because chickens can carry diseases that can make quail very sick. Quail are very territorial and can be very nasty to those they don't want in their flock/covey. Sounds like the little chicken needs some chicken friends and a separate cage.

    It's unlikely the chicken is carrying anything because the quail would probably have become sick by now so if you keep the cages next to each other it should stress less because it is still near them. But long term it will need at least one chicken friend.
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    Jan 14, 2017
    This. You don't house quails and chickens together.. you just don't. Not only can they spread sickness to each other they hate each other. Move the chicken. Oh and get her another chicken to keep her company.
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