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Dec 21, 2016
I am looking to start raising muscovies but was wondering how much I need to feed them (in grams) meaning for instance (completely made up) 1 day old 100g and then 1 month old are 200g so on so forth until they are adults. Will Muscovy ducks eat corn, sunflower, mealworm, fish, watermelon and lettuce as this is what I am thinking of feeding all my ducks of all ages. If anything in the list can’t be fed to ducklings I would love to know as I don’t want to loose any ducklings unfortunely that is nearly impossible. Also do they need anything else to be in there diet to have it stable the older ones will also free range so they will get more bugs and plants that are on the 20 acre paddock they will be in and they will go to the dam or overflow dam. We are also looking to put in a few thousand litres duck miniature dam into their coops. Any help will be much appreciated. Will have follow up questions likely but they will come along slowly.


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

All ducks get free choice feed at my place from day one through the end. But this site can help give you some good general duck info, even though they don't sell Muscovy... it's still a great resource and might give you the answer you are looking for. Check out under the info tab..

Watermelon and lettuce will provide water... but they are very poor in nutrients. Corn also only about 7% protein. Meal worms and sunflower seeds... pretty high in fat. If you have the option to use a formulated poultry ration, they have all the added vitamins and minerals needed. Depending on the condition of your pasture... that may be sufficient. :confused: But YES they will likely eat all the things you listed happily. :)

Niacin... ducklings NEED 55mg/kg of feed or they can develop serious leg issues.

Hope this is helpful in at least pointing you in the right direction. Have a wonderful adventure! :wee

ETA: I gather you may not be in the US... adding your general location to your profile can help others make more suitable suggestions at a glance without having to ask first. ;)

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