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    Apr 7, 2010
    I have been wanting to get a roo so that I can start incubating my own eggs. I went to the feed store the other day, and there was a man outside selling POL pullets. They were RIR's, and they looked TERRIBLE! Not only were they missing feathers on their back, but they were missing toes, pieces of their comb and one was missing an eye. They also appeared to have leg mites, their feet looked swollen, scaly and raw. He had their roo in a seperate cage.

    My hens are gorgeous!!!! They are fully feathered, have all their appendages, and no signs of parasites that I can tell. I have done a lot of reading on here about roosters, some are "gentle with the ladies" others have been described as "pretty rough'. My question may seem silly to some, but it's one I have to ask. Is it normal behavior for a rooster to bite off chunks of comb and even remove the eyes of his ladies while mating? Or were these ladies that I seen possibly harmed in some other way? I would love to have the ability to incubate my own eggs, but if my ladies will end up looking like that, I'll stay satisfied to run a convent.

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    I DONT recommend you buying that roo! You can go one craigslist and Type in chickens then hen, chicks, and roos will show up for a reasonable price. I would be scared of that roo [​IMG] !
  3. Um i have 2 roos with 15 hens...I recently separated the 2 roos not because of chunks of comb missing, mites or missing eyes....a few of my ladies have bare backs....that should be about all they mating anyway

    ETA craigslist is a better idea...we have Tennessee threads on here depending on where you are...i am in Middle Tn and on our thread there is always someone needing to shed a roo from their flock... [​IMG]
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    Apr 7, 2010
    I am in Middle Tennessee too, up around Clarksville. These chickens were young, and they looked terrible. The man said that the roo was responsible for the injuries on the birds. I have heard of rough roos on here numerous times, but it was mostly missing feathers, never eyes and toes and combs!

  5. sheaviance1

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    Apr 7, 2010
    I have decided on a BO roo.
  6. click on that thread i am sure there is someone or can point you in the way!

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    With the chick craze, there ought to be free roos from here to kingdom come on Craigs over the next few months. [​IMG]

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