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  1. I was wondering how some threads get onto the the home page so u can just click on it and go do the threads with alot of replys get put on there or do u pick them ?
  2. Nifty-Chicken

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    Do you mean the threads in the "carousel" of images and featured items on the top of the homepage, or the threads (text titles below the carousel)?

    The carousel images link to threads and articles that our team hand picks to be added. The text list of threads below that are simply based on recentcy, unless you check "subscriptions" which will only show the most recently updated subscribed to threads.
  3. U know when u go to the home page there are pictures that sort of rotate by themselves and underneath the picture there is a link that will lead u right to the threading just looked at it and
    right know one of the pictures were a bunch of eggs and another one was a couple of chickens a coop and underneath it said like thing like wood shavings ?

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