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    Oct 20, 2017
    Hi everyone! I have a question. My Wyandotte hen, went broody about a week ago (she's not broody now) And I have been promising her that I was going to let her have chicks. But I don't want to hatch chicks and end up with rooster. So I was going to buy some red-sex link chicks. But I don't know how to introduce them to her. I'm afraid that she won't accept them. So how should I do it?

    And one more question. My hen has went broody before, and didn't eat or drink, and I went out to check on her, and her comb was very white and pale. She looked awful. So how could I prevent this from happening again?

    Thanks! Barn Yarn Chicken
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    To introduce chicks, slip them under her late at night.

    During broodiness, I keep my hens in a separate pen with readily available food and water (an old horse trailer works very nicely.) If she's still not eating, temporarily remove her from the nest. She'll go eat and drink, and return in maybe twenty minutes.

    Important: Do not feed your hen in the nest if other chickens can reach it. They will destroy the nest.

    Best of luck.
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    Chicks should be under 24 hours old...You can not trick a Chicken. she will either accept Chicks or Kill them..?
    Problems arise if Chicks have human interaction and do not imprint to the Hen in the first critical hours after hatching..They will not follow her...First time Broody Hens are a gamble..Some Hens that have raised A few clutches will take on other Chicks?...It depends on the Hen..
    I only let mine hatch their own Chicks..
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    Oct 20, 2017
    Okay! Thank you for all these tips!

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