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Dec 13, 2020
So I ferment my chicken feed in a 5 gal bucked and by the third day it’s almost all gone but what is left is hard to g out without dumping the water my question, is it okay to instead of dumping the water to just add more feed and more water to the water and feed that is left over and then keep doing that or should I dump the feed that I can get out and all the water and redo it every time, thank you


Scarborough Fair
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Jul 3, 2016
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Yes you can just keep adding in feed and water. It'll help the next batch ferment faster and is less wasteful, and less time consuming to do it that way. I only clean out the container and start over when it gets too yucky for my liking, which can be weeks or months.

Captain Quark

Apr 29, 2020
Ontario, Canada
What age are people introducing the FF? I've seen one post where someone mentioned they started chicks at 4 weeks old. I'm looking at doing FF for meat birds, and am curious how early I can introduce it. I do FF for my quail and they started late on that, given how fast they age. I offered it early but they didn't convert to it until about 5 or 6 weeks.

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