Questions about laying


12 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Here are beginner's questions -It's my first spring with mature turkeys, still so much to learn.
If I collect eggs every day, will my 2 hens keep laying or will
they stop when a certain number has been laid ?
We are not raising chicks this year and have been eating the eggs or
giving them away.
How many clutches do they lay a yr, in general, if they are raising their own chicks ?
We're in the south- piedmont of NC.
Thanks group.
Keep picking up the eggs and they will keep laying for the season. A turkey will lay about 90 eggs for a season. If you don't pick them up, they will go broody. Hatch a few chicken eggs with them to teach them to eat and drink. I put in chicken eggs on day 7 of the turkey incubation.

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