racing pigeons

racing pigeon

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Mar 20, 2017
i bought 2 racing pigeons thats two years old i got them off a man that lives about half of a mile down the road when will i let them out
Not until they have raised at least 3 clutches of eggs. Then be prepared to go fetch them some homers never bond to a new loft.

I'm new to this, but what Hokum said is what all my reading has led me to in regards to keeping adult homers in a new loft. One thing I would recommend to sort of piggy back off of what Hokum said, is to band these birds (using clip on bands, because they are full grown) so if they do ever head back to their original loft, you can at least identify them and perhaps get them back and wait for them to raise another batch of young in hopes that they eventually do home to your loft.

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