Raising Baby Mille Fleurs


8 Years
May 28, 2011
I have a pair of Mille Fleurs they are laying eggs I am getting a 100% hatching. My problem is when They are born they start dying from about 3 days on. I have not gotten them past having wing feathers. These are the only ones I am having problems with i raise turkeys, ducks, chickens, pharaoh quail and pheasants and they are all ok and grow up great. I was wondering if there was a secret on the baby mille fleurs. Can someone help me?
First of all
I hope you can get your answers because I know how frustrating that can be... and how terrible for the babies

#1 are you starting them on shavings or paper towels?

#2 are you feeding small enough crumbles

Like the quail, banties need tiny food for the first week or so.. some of my smaller ones, I mash it up a bit and just spread on the paper towels so they can find it easily. Sometimes, if you start them on shavings, they can ingest the shavings if they mistake it for food.

Do you see any other symptoms before they die; droopy wing, panting, huddling, red poo, etc?

Like Msbear, I crumble the crumbles smaller for the new hatches and spread on papertowels. I also make a soup - just crumbles and water mixed - and give it to the little chicks (all my chickens love it).

Have you seen the chicks eat and drink?
I have not been crushing the food but will go and do know and i will make the soup they are on paper not shavings thank you so much.
I use probiotics(probios) and vitamins in the water. I've had my Mille Fluer when it was a day old. My Millie needed the heat lamp lowered and needed the brooder a little warmer then the others. The probiotics has been the best product I've ever used. I could tell after a day or so of using the product. I use 1/4 tsp per 4 cups(1 quart) of probios and 1ml of polyvisol vitamins without iron to 4 cups water. They are infant vitamins sold at several stores.
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from Idaho!!!

I know people who have the same problem- so for the first week or so, they take like a meat tenderizer and really beat up the starter, so that it is small enough for them.
Another thing you may want to try is a little poly-visol or sugar in their water.

Good Luck!
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Thanks everyone. I guess I should have asked this question a long time back. I feel really bad as I killed my babys. The one I have left has not stopped eating the soup or the dry crushed food it is starting to walk and standing up is looking a lot better. She is a D'uccle. I really thank everyone for there help.
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