Raising fish as chicken feed?


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Sandy Valley, NV
Has anyone raised fish specifically used for chicken feed?
I'm thinking that if I could find the right kind of fish, I could create a self-sustaining system with duckweed. Then both the duckweed and the fish could go to the hens!

I have heard of people collecting small fish from streams/rivers, but in the Mojave desert that isn't an option!
Welp, I'm gonna give it a shot. I found someone with duckweed on Craigslist (thank you, dear desert. I'm BUYING weeds), and I'll toss in some goldfish to fertilize the duckweed. In theory, it will be a mostly self-sustaining source of feed. Duckweed feeds goldfish, while goldfish poo feeds duckweed. Chickens eat duckweed and if the fish breed and the chickens like eating them, so much the better!
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