Ramp concerns (pictures included)

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Mar 5, 2015
Southern Alabama
My chicken coop is a converted play structure so the height was predetermined. The ramp hits the structure at 60". From the base it is 72", so the angle is just barely less then 45 degrees. The length of the boards to make this happens was 92". I have used two 1x6 boards tied together with some cleats. The board has a bit of a bouncy feel to it. Any suggestions on how to stop that? Any general suggestions about the design? I don't have chickens yet, but I am looking for them in the 10wk+ age range so I hope they can climb it.

To stiffen up that ramp, get a 2x4 cut to length and and attach it to the bottom side of the ramp. Use screws set in from the top side. Attach the 2" side to the ramp so the 4" is sticking out, this will add considerable stiffness. Or use a 2x2 on each bottom edge. Or maybe your chickens don't care if the ramp is springy.
Jenn, remove bounce by taking some 1x2's or 2x3's. ie 92 inches length underneath your steps. one on each side, you'd cut it at 45 degrees at top to fit under the ramp and secure it to the house, then nails/staples, screw it down thru the ramp down into the supports.. ideally, when building a ramp supports are put on first and the ramp is placed on it.. you can still get this done this way... can they climb that high? :) guess they have to huh.....im sure they will figure it out

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