Real bad day


8 Years
9 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Orwigsburg PA
Today should be settlement day................but the mortgage company didn't do the job, it's easier for them to cancell our date without telling us what day THEY prefer

Because my hubby is a veteran, the VA is in it and they found out, that this sweet company never put any paperwork 8 weeks. The guy from VA try to contact the mortgage company yesterday and all what he got was answering machines. Look like the company is already cloesed for the hollyday

Now I need to find a home for my 5 week old girls ( and boy)
, because they can't be forever on the porch. They need to get gras underneath their feet
I'm so sad

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Hang on. Keep the faith and the chickens. 5 weeks is nothing. I had mine for 9 in the house. dusty animals for sure. 24 of them. Just keep thinking positive thoughts. maybe a boulder will shift and that mountain of paper work will move quickly.
Thank you all so much.
I tell myselfe, thats better to don't move on memorial weekend because of the traffic.
So I hang in and hope everything got cleared out before 3012

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