Red Roof hens make your own Dozen

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    Please put your Sceen Name in the paypal notes so I will know how you are thanks Shannon

    Red Roof hens make your own Dozen. You pick out 12 Egg. For $27 shipped with tracking #. Or just pick the Dozen or Half Dozen You want for the listed Price. Tracking # sent to you the day they are shipped Pay pal will send you your tracking # though Email. Do not press Buy it now just pm me you list. paypay [email protected] You can see all my birds on
    For $35 I can send 18 Eggs
    pre-order will get them out as fast as I can
    Barred Rocks (12 for $24 shippied)
    B/B/S Cochin (12 for $24 shipped)
    Frizzle Standard Cochins (12 for $24 shipped)
    Easter Eggers (Blue layers)(12 for $24 shipped)
    Guineas (12 for $24 shipped)
    Easter Eggers have add an Black marans rooster to these (12 for $24 shipped)
    B/B/S Ameraucana No more then 4 egg (6+ for $24 shipped)
    B/B/S Silkes No more then 4 eggs (6+ for $24 shipped
    B/B/S Marans No more then 4 eggs (6+ for $24 shipped)
    Black Copper Marans No more then 4 eggs (12 for $36 shipped)
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte No more then 4 eggs (12 for $36 shipped)

    BBS Ameraucana
    Black Copper Marnans
    BBS Cochin
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    BBS Silikes
    Frizzle Standard Cochin
    Black Copper Marans EGG and BBS Ameraucana Eggs
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