Reddish feet and legs, feather loss, molting or?

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    Jun 19, 2008
    I've noticed that a few of my chickens are getting reddish feet. It's been unseasonably warm here, but then it just returned to cold, snowy weather. I don't know if these feet are normal, or if there's something I should be paying attention to. I am especially worried about one RIR who seems to be molting. She's a year and half old, and she's picking the wrong time to do it, if that's the case. I have looked on her skin and around her vent, and I don't see any signs of lice or mites. I thought about maybe scaly leg mites, but her scales seem smooth, and besides, chicken feet always look weird to me!

    Here are some pictures: [​IMG]

    By comparison, here is my other RIR who seems fine and molted a few months ago in the fall

    Finally, here is the bird with a bit of the feather loss next to my SLW. You can see that the SLW also has some reddish tint on her feet and legs. [​IMG]

    Thanks for any input!
    PS. No other noticeable symptoms. Good appetite, seems to be moving around just fine, doesn't want to be picked up but doesn't appear to be in pain when I do.
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    I have a rooster that has little bit of reddish feet as well, so I am also quite interested what it could be. Hopefully nothing. It has been ridiculously cold here.
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    I have two production red roosters and noticed when they hit "puberty", they got a bit of red on their feet and legs and as they got older, the red got more and more.. It almost reminded me of what blood poisoning looks like and I too started to get worried when i first noticed it... It's perfectly normal and just means they are growing up.. As for the girls, I'm not quite sure.. Perhaps RIR pullets do the same thing? I believe a lot of it does have to do with the types of chickens.. Same thing as why barred rock roos have very little dark coloring on their legs and feet whereas, the pullets and hens get quite dark...

    Goddess [​IMG]
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    It seems to me from what I have read here that they do get reddish feet in response to the cold. This would be a perfectly normal increase in blood flow to keep the feet warm. I noticed it on my speckles sussex with pale legs--the others have darker legs so I've never seen it. I wouldn't worry about it unless their feet seem to hurt or are scaly.

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