Remove the crowing roo and?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by TheMainException, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. TheMainException

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    Jul 7, 2010
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    Okay, so I have 3 roos and 2 hens in my main flock. 11 or 12 waiting to join the big kids. But with the small flock, I have one crowing roo. I started out calling him King Pin long before I even knew he was actually a he and not a she. He's the only one who crows and he is also the King of the flock. If I remove him from the flock, will the next in line start crowing? He's getting really annoying and I don't want to get the neighbors angry. Plus, he's getting to be a real jerk to everyone. I've gotten to the point of throwing small sticks at him when he latches onto some bird's neck and won't let go. Now he knows better and makes sure I'm not armed or I'm not close enough to get him. Just this morning, he was literally running while crowing because he saw me turn around. Also, if I remove one of the other roos, will he quiet down a little? Or stop being such a jerk? He's a great protector and a beautiful bird, but 3 roos in a flock of that size just isn't smart or reasonable.
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    Quote:This is how it works at my house ... next in line .. then next in line .. then next in line .. lol

    And at my house, the jerk roo's don't stay .. and rarely live. I don't put up with LOUD or JERK! But that's just me!
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    I found that removing the alpha roo does work to some extent, the crowing is less, but the other's will start crowing soon. the more roo's you have, the more crowing will go on.
    If he is pulling at the feathers and being a jerk trying to mate then that is natural and really doesn't require throwing sticks. They will do that whether or not you are there. They need to practice mounting the hens until they get it down. Once they have it down it's not so bad. The young roos are usually not very gentle and like to mount A LOT! They are like teenage boys that will hump anything with 2 legs. (even try other roo's). Someone else will move into the alpha role and do the same thing, some are a little nicer than others, but you never know!
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    Quote:Same at my house... except, I don't mind loud (nearest neighbor 1/2 mile away). [​IMG]
    As a matter of fact, it's way too quiet at my house right now, having just lost my Main Roo. [​IMG] 2nd-in-command is just not the same. [​IMG]
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    I'd be fine if it looked anywhere near to "practice." But it looks like him being a nasty jerk. He doesn't attempt a mount. He just grabs and pulls them around the yard. He's awful at practicing. The roos seem to be very full grown and they have yet to start trying to mount anyone. King Pin has been crowing for over a month and my hens haven't started laying. It's odd.

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