Replacing Nutrena All Flock 18%...


5 Years
Jan 24, 2016
I’ve been using this feed from Rural King for 3 years. Went in today to grab a bag and they were out. Checked the two other stores close by and they were out too. Had customer service check and none of them are getting anymore so she assumed they are no longer going to carry it. Looking for something similar to replace with and will I have much problems getting hens to take a new brand of feed? Without any notice I can’t teally gradually change them over. Their current bucket will be empty tomorrow.
To be honest I now can't remember exactly why I went with the All Flock. It was recommended to me when I started but I don't know what the justification was at the time. I have only had laying hens, so I'm assuming switching to some type of layer pellets would be a logical choice.
I feed an all flock feed, actually a game bird mix because I prefer the higher protien. It comes from a local mill so I can't really recommend a brand.
With an all flock feed you don't have to consider if they are laying or not, young pullets, or if you have a rooster. Just provide oyster shell on the side. They will eat the calcium they need. Mine really don't touch the oyster shell when they aren't laying. The young pullets just starting gobble it up like their feed.
The problem with flock raiser is that in many areas you can't get it in pellets. Crumble is just a waste of time for me. I was happy when my TSC got the 20% Purina All Flock in last month, as it is good for my guineas, but I have no confidence they will keep it in stock.

I use this one sometimes. It's quite similar and comes in pellets.

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