reptile heat lamp


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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
There is reptile heaters that act just like the chick heater light but do not produce any light. woulds that be batter for chicks then blasting them with bright light all day and night?

The Kibble Goddess

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May 24, 2009
Sylvania, Ga
I've got the red heat lamp for my brooder and have spent about 1/2 a day trying to adjust it to get the temp correct for my 2-day old chicks. Where I initially had placed it turned out to be +120* !!! Quick! Move it up 2". Now it's 80*. Move it down an inch. Now it's 100* Move it up 1/2" . Now it's 80* again ?!? Finally got it to where it says it's 90*, but I'm not sure I believe the thermometer anymore. Chicks are somewhat huddled, but they're also sleeping. Man, being a chicken Mama is work. Sure hope I can find some Silkies to do this for me next year.

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