Rescued bird, is it a hen? Any idea of breed?


Sep 22, 2020
Los Angeles
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Hello! I picked up this - what I hope is a hen - from a local shelter a few days ago. The bird is overall auburn colored with black tips on tail and wings. The stance is thin and tall - much taller and more upright than my RIR. I think the bird looks young since there is no red in the very small comb and no waddle yet. Any ideas on breed or sex??

She is a pullet (around 4-6 months it looks like) - as to breed it's possible she is just a hatchery stock RIR with light coloring. Or a Production Red, they look similar. Someone may be able to give more input than me on what breed she is though.
Production red looks very close, I hope you are right!
To me she looks like a production red. Or possibly a New Hampshire Red.

@Overo Mare @OneHappyRooster
Yes either are likely guesses, I’ve been looking at New Hampshire reds which seem to be more of a lighter red like this. Production red isnt a breed I knew about but that looks even closer now that you all have mentioned and I’m looking it up.
Beautiful chicken! PR and RIR look very similar, especially since PR are bred from RIR (Over New Hampshire Red) And that can trip people up. Especially myself! What I notice, is, that her head is much darker in comparison to the rest of her body. This isn’t something you would see in either PR Or RIR a lot. My guess is New Hampshire Red, only because of this. (This breed is usually shown to have either a lighter body with darker head and neck, or dark body with lighter head and neck with dark hackles. I can’t tell which is most accurate) However, I don’t know a ton about any of the three breeds, so I would rather someone with more experience help out.

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