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Don't get me started on that hypocrite. He has a couple of ginormous houses and none are environmentally sound. He "looks" good because he buys carbon credits (or whatever they are called). If he really cared about the environment his house would be the most environmentally sound in the state and he would be driving an electric car and never flying on a private jet. Why doesn't he have solar panels? Geothermal heat? Wind turbines out on the farm? He's just out to make money since he didn't make it to president.

Okay... rant over.

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I just had to say the info in this link is --IMO--just so much BS. I say this as a person who survived the 4 hurricanes that hit Punta Gorda, Florida and vicinity in just a 6-week span in 2005. In 2001 I was without water and electricity for 7 days because of a "little" category 1 that blew through 3 days after 9-11. In 2003 I lost the roof off my house and had a tree in my living room. So this jerk has NO idea what he is talking about!

Been there. Done that. Why the heck do you think I now live in Alabama?!? I got tired of rebuilding the same house every year, that's why. I'd no sooner get it all fixed up and some 'cane would knock it down again!



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I hope you live in NORTHERN Alabama or that rare gulf storm of the future will get you again.

You are like a lightning rod, for hurricanes.

BTW... I drove around Sanibel Island a month or two after Charley... it was hard to believe the devastation. Looks like we are in for a dry spell.

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