Rhyming couplets about chickens - add your own!

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    May 3, 2014
    Anaheim, CA
    We built you a gorgeous run and coop,
    and yet, on the deck: poop.

    We are fierce. We chase bugs.
    We storm your house: poultry thugs.

    A rainbow of chickens: black and white and yellow-red-heather,
    Each lady different, still birds of a feather.

    A cat in repose, soaking sunlight, ignores you,
    reminiscing: you could have been a morsel of food.

    Swooping low, a flycatcher’s lunch is made
    Below, a hen bawks her territorial tirade.

    If ever a list of noble creatures were made,
    Surely, my flock, you’d be somewhere toward the middle.

    Chickens eat bugs and leaves and flowers and scraps,
    and when I get lucky, they snuggle in my lap.

    Look, girls, I know you’re fast becoming chooks,
    But must you leave feathers everywhere I look?
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