Ringneck Pheasant in Upstate NY

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    This is Dante, and he needs a good new home. He came to me after being crammed in a tiny cage with a buff orpington hen for eight months. I know you're not supposed to keep pheasants with chickens, and my dog has a certain fondness for him that he doesn't have for the chickens - which is why poor Dante has a sprained leg right now after he escaped his pen and my dog grabbed him. He'll be much happier with someone who breeds pheasants or can make him a safe enclosure and get him some company of his own kind. For a pheasant, he's tame. He'd rather you not pick him up, but he doesn't run in terror and is okay with human presence, probably a side effect of him being crammed in a tiny rabbit cage and kept in a bedroom for months.

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