RIP Skittles..... :-(

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    Aug 26, 2012
    In August (early in the month) I had gotten two Gold Sebright bantam chicks from a local chicken feed store. They were the sweetest little things in the world! I loved them so much. They loved eachother so much! They were IMPOSSIBLE to seperate. If I would only pick one of them up, they would both go crazy! They would make really loud noises, so I would put them back together. When they got old enough, I put them outside with the standard sized hens. They got along pretty well with all six of them. Two of them would bully them once in a while, but that's part of the pecking order, right? When I moved them outside, it was towards the end of the month of August. Even being outside with the other chickens in the big coop, they still stayed together, unable to seperate. I was so glad that neither of them turned out being roosters, because even if it was just one, both of them would still have to go to a different home. Well.. Yesterday morning I woke up and just layed in bed for a little, still half asleep. Until I hear screaming words from my little brother, "OH MY GOSH!!! ONE OF THE CHICKENS ARE DEAD!!!!". I flung out of my bed and raced down the stairs, to my brother and sister CRYING. I started crying too, when I figured out that somehow one of my bantams got out of their chicken area when the dogs were out. Now, my dogs are like, bird and squirrel crazy. She was killed by my two dogs. I don't know what my other bantam is going to do, she's not a huge fan of the other chickens, she liked to be with her best friend all the time, never alone.

    R.I.P Skittles, my dear. I loved you so much, and so did Tootsie. We still do, baby.

    Now I am unsure of what to do about Tootsie. I have been giving her as much love from me as possible. She falls asleep in my arms now. But she isn't attached to any of the other chickens. She sits alone. Should I buy her a diaper to have her in the house often (in my bedroom with the door shut)? Should I look for another bantam friend for her? I'm just confused, and don't know what to do. :-(
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    Sorry to hear about Skittles. Hope Tootsie is doing okay.

    I wish I could offer some help on what to do, but I'm a newbie (my chicks are 7 days old) at raising chickens.
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    Heartbreaking. So sorry.
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    Aug 28, 2012
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    Umm, if your parents (asuming you are younger) dont mind, you could keep Skittles in a cage in your room. If the dogs live indoors, you'll have to keep the cage away from them. Tootsie is likely to die as long as she has no friend. YOU will have to be her friend! If she lives indoors, wears chicken diapers while out of her cage, and lives in an elevated rabbit hutch, away from the doggies, she should be ok. You can also try to get her another buddy. I hope everything works out alright. I am so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry. [​IMG]

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