RIR Black Minorca Wellie French Wheaten Marans

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    Walking through my runs and fields I see some that just don't look like the others! I have hatch dates if anyone needs them otherwise I have put the approx ages.
    RIR pullet mid March PULLET $8.00
    2-Black Minorca Mid March PULLET $8.00
    TRIO of Welsummer's or just the gals he's Old wise and the best guy around.Arnold will protect your hens,gently make chicks,and never once as much as look at you with any stink eye small babies are fine with him but he won't be your cuddle pet..any self respecting roo is way too manly for that! His lady is a much younger gal about a year old laying very well and I will add in a young pullet-not his that is about 7 weeks old..she has small pin feathers on her legs but otherwise very pretty.Arnold isn't to be ate so if you only want the gals that's fine he can always have a home here.$25 for all $15 for the pair of ladies
    French Wheaten Marans PULLET coming on 6 months she's real close to pol now.Nice leg feathering $15.00
    French Wheaten Marans young flock 8 weeks 1 roo 4 pullets I can throw in 2 younger chicks 1 is a roo and 1 is looking rooish today neither are related to the others $35 takes the young bunch
    See my other ads on both the young chicks(1-8 weeks) and on the 8+ week boards

    Camera battery died this morning before I was done..will try again tonight after they come out of hiding from the heat NO SHIPPING so please don't ask...not going to happen.

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