RIR to coop


12 Years
Mar 26, 2011
I have 7 Rhode Island Red that are about 3 weeks old and are all full feathered.

Right now I am finishing the construction to their coop and would like to have the go out asap.

I figure this should be fine since they would have food, water, shelter, and good temp.

So any thoughts about this?
My 8 RIRs were 3 weeks old when they were moved to the coop & run. And that was in November! They really seemed to like being outdoors after being inside in my homemade brooder. My biggest problem was getting them back into the run after they had been allowed to free-range for a while. Then I discovered the power of treats!! Now, I have to get out of the way so I don't get run over. They all make a dash for the open run door when I shake the treat bowl & call out, "Here chickie, chickie, chickie!!"

You are going to have so much fun with them!! Get ready for a good time!

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