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    Jan 15, 2016
    We currently have a mixed flock. 22 silkies (with 2 adult and 3 juvenile Roos), 3 Barred rocks, and 24 RIR. I expected the Barred Rocks to pick on the silkies a little after I read up on their temperament before purchase. However, I wasn't expecting our RIRs to be worse! Contemplating sending off 10 so things will calm down, but concerned we would we overdoing things on Roo to hen ratio then. [​IMG] Our RIRs will chase the silkies, occasionally pulling out feathers but never really hurting them. It kinda irritated me to watch them try to pull the broody silkies out of their nesting boxes by their crest. [​IMG] We got RIRs as egg layers for our business but now I'm not sure it's worth the stress on our original crew.

    More info: Coop is 22.5' x 23.5' with many nesting boxes of all sizes. 2 feeders and 3 watering dishes. Flock is let out of coop 2x a day on 6 acres. I try to keep the RIRs busy with an apple hanging from a veggie holder during the day. Also have found that one of our adult silkie Roos very much dislikes the RIRs and BRs. He'll peck them, chase them, etc. [​IMG]
    Suggestions? Cut back flock or maybe someone has a creative alternative?
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    Just my opinion:

    Depending on how long they've been integrated, I'd just let them sort it out. We have 2 SLW that are still missing every one of their tail feathers and it's been over 6 months. No blood, guts, just missing feathers.

    As long as they're getting lots of free range time, I'd just keep an eye out for any substantial damage and treat as necessary.

    But, that's just me.

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