Roo lost a toenail. What do we do? Plus, scaley leg mites?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I have no idea how, but my roo lost a toenail today. We stopped the bleeding, washed it well, and applied antibiotic ointment without pain killer. I have him isolated right now. He seems fine, though. Do I need to wrap it or anything before I put him back in the coop? Does it need blu-kote or something? I have no idea.

Also, this roo's legs have always looked pretty scruffy. I have treated him for scaley leg mites and his legs always look the same. None of his hens have legs that look like this. It's mostly the scales right around his feathers that seem raised and ugly looking. He always seems to be losing feathers from his legs. He's a Brahma. I coated them with olive oil after his bath.

Thanks for advice on either issue!

Missing toenail.

One leg.

The other leg.

He was a very good boy for his bath and medicine.

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I had a Brahma roo that lost a toenail I have no idea how either.. but I did as you washed it up real good but I did apply blue-kote it healed fine. as for his legs they do look a little troubling, have you use vaseline on his legs it is suppose to smother the mites.. also you could try ivermectin pour-on and just smear his legs and feet with it. should take care of them.
I swear brahmas are more suseptable to the leg mites. I have one Brahma Hen I am always treating but never clears up. I do the vaseline & ivomec. I treated a Rhode Island Red with the Vaseline only & was amazed at how fast it worked on her.
Yeah I've done vaseline. I haven't tried the pour on ivermectin.

It's just so weird because all my other chickens--include two Brahma hens--have beautiful legs. You'd think they would all have it if he has it? Or not, who knows. Crazy chickens.

He's back in the coop and doing fine. I still feel bad for my poor little buddy, though.
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Did you ever figure this out? My Brahma roo has the same problem. No one else has it. I've treater for mites with permehrin and am using vaseline but it doesn't seem to help.

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