Rooster acting weird.



Aug 28, 2019
I have one rooster and 5 hens. He use to hang out with the ladies all the time. But now he seems to be a outcast. They are free range during the day and put up at night. He’ll hang with them some throughout the day but not much. They’ll be out foraging and he’ll be in the coop eating and drinking or chilling out in the bushes. Then tonight when they all went in the coop and was up on the roost he came out of the coop when usually he’s right up there with them. It’s Like they don’t like each other any more. He Use to make a sound to let them know he found some good stuff to eat, he would even pick it up with his beak and let them take it but I haven’t notice him doing that or mating with any of them lately. He looks good and healthy. It just seems like they don’t want him hanging around with them anymore.
It could be that the girls are molting and don't feel like putting up with a teen aged roo with raging hormones. I'm in Ala and most my birds are about half way thru molting, so very few eggs other than from the pullets, the roosters aren't quite as randy. Poor little rascals, I bet molting is like having all your teeth fall out in a month and teething your new ones in all over again, as an adult. It can't feel good at all. :hit

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