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Mar 31, 2019
We got some eggs from a neighbor for my broody hen and 2 hatched. The other is clearly a buff Orpington, but any guesses for the rooster?? Neighbor thought RIR, which I’ve not had before but he seems more orange than red like the pics I found. The eggs they hatched from were white so he may be a cross, but any ideas what he might be?? He’s a daddy now


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Maybe a New Hampshire red. However, if you don’t know for sure that he’s pure, then he’s probably a mix.
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He does resemble a New Hampshire but he has to be a mix. Your BO hen is also a mix if they hatched from white eggs.
thanks! I hadn’t heard of the NHR before, but that’s the closest of anything I’ve seen so far! Im sure he is a mix, I just couldn’t figure out what that mix might include. I didn’t really care until he was a daddy lol. I’m sure the hen is a mix too bc she hatched from a white egg, but oddly enough she is spot on for her breed including the egg she lays.

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